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Sawyer SILVER Polyester Football Sports Mesh Knit Fabric

Sawyer SILVER Polyester Football Sports Mesh Knit Fabric - 10047

Football fabric is a general term for materials that are used to produce jerseys for football teams and for other sports teams. The most commonly used football team fabric is mesh, a material that has an open weave with small holes that make it resemble a net. Mesh is highly breathable to keep athletes cool on the field, and it stretches so as not to restrict the movements of players.

As the name implies, this football mesh knit fabric is perfect for sports apparel. It is durable, breathable, and stretches which adds extra fit and comfort. It is light, airy, and holds its shape well. Use this football fabric to make your own custom jersey or buy in bulk for your sports team!

Content: 100% polyester
Width: 58 to 60 inches
Weight: 150 Grams per Square Meter
Edge: Straight
Uses: Basketball/football/soccer/lacrosse jersey uniform, sports/athletic apparel/uniform, costumes, crafts, etc.