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Juliana RED 40 Yards of 54'' Polyester Tulle Fabric by Bolt

Juliana RED 40 Yards of 54'' Polyester Tulle Fabric by Bolt - 10011

This tulle is lightweight, very fine netting and made of polyester. Tulle is often used as an accent, to create a lacy, floating look. Tulle may also be used in underskirts or petticoats to create a stiff belled shape. Gowns are often puffed out with the use of several layers of stiff tulle. Tulle netting is also used to make veils, since it obscures the features of the face while allowing the wearer to see out.

Decorative ornaments can also be made from tulle netting. It is frequently used to wrap up party favors and gifts, especially for weddings and baby showers. Scraps of tulle netting are sometimes used in quilting and crafts as well, to add texture to a project. Multicolored tulle netting is often used for this purpose, to create tulle flowers and other ornamental accents.

Content: 100% polyester
Stretch: Minimal to none
Width: 54 inches
Edge: Straight


Sample/Swatch: We do not offer sample/swatch for this fabric as of this time.
Wholesale: 20 bolts or more per color
Cut size: Bolt may come in 2 pieces. No guarantee that the 40 yards will come in one continuous piece.